Chardham Yatra by Helicopter 6 Days/5 Nights Package

Tour Duration

6 Days and 5 Nights


1,95,000/- +GST Per Person

Yatra Period

15 Sep to 15 oct

Book our Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter package to visit the four holy pilgrimages of Uttrakhand luxuriously at best price. Our 6 days 5 night Chardham yatra itinerary for 2022 will take you to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath temples by helicopter, and you will get a chance of VIP Darshan in all temples. Call us to book Chardham yatra pilgrimage tour at best price.

Package Inclusions

All Meals included in our chardham yatra package
All Meals
24 Hours tour assistance package inclusion
Tour Assist
5 Days Accommodation/Hotel included in our chardham yatra by helicopter package
A tour guide for every group is included in our chardham yatra by helicopter package
Heliped to temple and hotel to helipad transfer included in chardham yatra package
Helipad Transfer
VIP Darshan of kedarnath, badrinath, yamunotri and gangotri is included
VIP Darshan

Why You Should Visit Chardham

Highlights of Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

  • Visit the mysterious Yamunotri Dham and admire the surrounded beauty
  • Reach Gangotri Dham by helicopter and feel the divinity of Goddess Ganga
  • Fly to breathtaking Kedarnath and meditate in lord shiva’s aura
  • Land at Badrinath helipad and see the grand Badri temple
  • Fly to Dehradun from Badrinath with beautiful memories

Chardham Yatra Day-wise Hotels

Tour Routing:- Dehradun – Yamunotri – Gangotri – Guptkashi – Badrinath – Dehradun

Day & PlaceHotels
Day 1: DehradunHotel Keys Prima by Lemon Tree Or Similar
Day 2: YamunotriHotel Shiv Shakti Eco Resort Or Similar
Day 3: GangotriHotel Himalayan Nature Resort Or Similar
Day 4: GuptkashiHotel Villa Aadhya Or Similar
Day 5: BadrinathHotel Snow Crest Or Sarovar Portico or Similar
Day 6: DehradunNo accommodation

*Price is subject to change as per season or availability. So Kindly discuss Further.

So, Book Chardham Yatra by helicopter from LIH the Best travel agent for Chardham Yatra that offers you a fantastic and luxury experience that makes your trip memorable for a lifetime.

Chardham Yatra by Helicopter 6 Day Tour Itinerary

Have a look at the detailed luxury Chardham Yatra tour Itinerary which will give you a brief look to your whole Chardham yatra by Helicopter Journey:-
On the arrival day, our guide will come and receive you from Dehradun railway station or airport and drop you at a luxurious hotel for stay and the breakfast and dinner included in this package on the day of arrival. Relax at this luxurious hotel after this hectic travelling and energize yourself for the exciting journey of Chardham yatra by Helicopter.

06:00 AM: Leaving from Sahastradhara Helipad, Dehradun (By Helicopter)

06:30 AM: Landed at Kharsali Helipad, Yamunotri

You are recommended to leave the hotel as soon as possible, so you remain energetic throughout the day of your trip. Our tour coordinator will take you to the sahastradhara helipad at Dehradun from where you will leave for Yamunotri dham. Enter the land of lords!Now at the arrival of Yamunotri (Kharsali), You will meet our team, and they will transfer your luggage to the hotel.Now have breakfast at the hotel, then we leave for Yamunotri, which is a 5 km trek. We will provide you the facility of palki or pony. Explore the beauty of this fantastic holy place.You will return at lunchtime in the hotel after the VIP darshan at Yamunotri and spend your few hours relaxing at the hotel after lunch.In the evening, we will visit the ancient Shani temple (depends on the climate) and after returning from their you will be served the dinner.

07:45 AM: Leaving from Kharsali Helipad, Yamunotri (By Helicopter)

08:30 AM: Landed at Harsil Helipad, Gangotri

After leaving from Kharsali helipad, Now you will reach the Gangotri, also known as the mini Switzerland of India.Now our handlers will pick you up from harsil helipad and drop you at the luxurious hotel. After taking breakfast, you’ll head towards the VIP darshan at Gangotri temple in-cab this is the most picturesque and breathtaking part of this chardham yatra.You will get the luxurious facilities on this trip such as mouth-watering vegetarian food, luxurious accommodation, VIP darshan and adjoining washroom.So, at the end of the day you will take the delicious dinner at the hotel and with evening bonfire.After early morning breakfast, you’ll leave for Kedarnath (It is recommended to take substantial breakfast at Harsil as we will directly go to the kedarnath temple and come back around 3:00 – 4:00 PM).

09:00 AM: Leaving from Harsil Helipad, Gangotri (By Helicopter)

09:30 AM: Landed at the Kedarnath Helipad (Base Camp)

After landing at Guptkashi/phata helipad from Gangotri after changing helicopter, you will head towards the Kedarnath, which is 10 minutes away from guptkashi.For 10 minutes to 3 hours, you may have to wait during the time of chopper change due to the bad weather condition or shuttle slots.Now, Welcome to the mountain of an amalgam of spirituality, Kedarnath. Here you will see the fantastic beauty of Himalayas, and will feel the powerful vibrations.The beautiful scene, serenity in nature, religious zest, and the mountains covered with snow will allure you and mesmerize your heart, and these things make this sight most heritage among all the dhams.Our tour guide will take you for the Jal Abhishek and VIP darshan at Kedarnath temple.Now, After kedarnath darshan, our guide will take you to the hotel booked at Guptkashi and then will leave for Kedarnath helipad to Guptkashi helipad.One more day of your Chardham yatra by helicopter tour ends in the land of shiva or kedara with the tasty and mouth-watering dinner, and after taking dinner you will relax in your hotel and sleep homely to energize yourself for the next day.

10:00 AM: Leaving from Badrinath Helipad (By Helicopter)

11:30 AM: Landed at DehradunHelipad (Will Provide Drop)

Now on day 4 of chardham yatra we will land in the city of Narayan, Badrinath, where you will get to see the fantastic views of the Himalayas with so much peace.Now after landing at Badrinath helipad, our tour guide will take you to the hotel where you can take breakfast and lunch and relax for some time, then we will leave for the VIP darshan of Badri Narayan temple.After the darshan at Badrinath, we will pay a visit to some Chardham yatra places Mana village and Vishnu Sahasranamam path in the evening.This is the end of the fourth day of Chardham yatra by Helicopter with a delicious dinner and relaxing at a luxurious hotel.

10:00 AM: Leaving from Kedarnath Helipad (By Helicopter)

10:45 AM: Land at Badrinath Helipad

After taking breakfast, we will leave the land of Narayan, Badrinath, with positive vibes and return to the Dehradun with a fantastic experience. This tour of Chardham yatra by helicopter will give you beautiful memories for the lifetime.So, your Journey of Chardham yatra by Helicopter will come to an end with such an amazing experience.* Timings may change due to bad weather conditions and unpleasant climate because of this we will advise you to book your tickets one day later.

FAQs About Char Dham Yatra

Q.1 When will ChardhamYatra by Helicopter start in the year 2022?

This year 2022 ChardhamYatra by helicopter is starting from 15 Sept 2022 and we recommend you to plan your Yatra after 6th May, 2022.

Q.2 What are the places included in LIH Chardham Yatra by helicopter 2022 package?

Chardham Yatra tour package by Helicopter includes Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.

Q.3 Are there any VIP darshan facility in Chardham temple?

Yes, VIP Darshan at all four dhamare included in our package of Chardham Yatra by Helicopter.

Q.4 What type of clothes you should wear in Chardham Yatra by helicopter?

You should wear warm woolen clothes as the area of Chardham yatra is too cold.

Q.5 What is the best time for Chardham Yatra by helicopter and in upcoming years?

The best time to visit Chardham yatra in April, May, and June when the weather of Chardham is pleasant enough to travel.

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Q.6 Is there any Helicopter services to Chardham from Delhi/Mumbai/Ahmedabad etc?

There is no helicopter service from Delhi, Mumbai, or Ahemdabad you have to travel by yourself to the Dehradun, and then our Chardham yatra by helicopter starts.

Q.7 How can I reach to the location Dehradun for Chardham helicopter yatra?

You can reach the location Dehradun through Bus, Railway or through airplane.

Q.8 How will be the facilities during the Chardham yatra by Helicopter?

You will get great facilities during the yatra from the luxurious hotels, delicious meals to VIP darshan and special puja.

Q.9 Is registration required for char Dham yatra?

Yes, registration is required for Chardham yatra. For further details, you can call us or email us.

Q.10 what is the Cost of Chardham Yatra by Helicopter Package?

The Total Cost of Chardham yatra by Helicopter is around INR 1,95,000/- +GST per person.

Q.11 How long is Kedarnath trek?

Kedarnath trek is 16 km from Gaurikund.

Q.12 Can I do Chardham Yatra registration Online and Offline?

Yes, you can do Chardham yatra registration in both ways. It depends on You wheather you want to do it in an offline way or in an online way.

Q.13 What is the Do’s and Don’t of Chardham yatra by Helicopter?

Do’s of Chardham yatra by Helicopter:-
  • Carry dry eatables with you like:- Biscuits, dry fruits, chocolate, or anything else. So, that you can regain energy during your long hours of walk and trekking.
  • Carry warm garments with you as this place is very cold.
  • Carry your medical kit with you. so, that you have all the essential medicines for Cough, cold, headache, and fever.
  • Carry oxygen with you because the temples are high above and there is less availability of oxygen.
  • Carry aadhar card and biometric registration card with you as this card is very necessary during the trip.
Don’t of Chardham Yatra by Helicopter:-
  • Don’t take the alcohol during your Chardham yatra.
  • Do not carry heavy and too much luggage because there is limited space in the Chopper.
  • Don’t throw plastic wrappers or waste here and there. Throw them in a dustbin. If you don’t find dustbin near you keep them in your bag and when you a dustbin throw that waste there.
  • Don’t wear heavy jewelry during trekking.
  • Don’t take a rest in the places where alerts are posted.

Q.14 What is the payment policy of Chardham yatra by Helicopter package?

You need to deposit 50% advance token amount at the time booking of Chardham Yatra by Helicopter and the rest of the balance amount you can pay 21 days prior to your Yatra.

Q.15 What kind of accommodation will be provided during the Chardham Yatra?

Luxury Hotels are not available at these remote locations, therefore you are advised not to keep very high expectations of hotels. Hotels at all the Dhams are non-star category. However, we have carefully selected the most comfortable & best-rated properties at all the locations.

Q.16 Is Epass required for Chardham Yatra?

The pilgrims don’t have any e pass since the state government has removed the condition to secure e-passes for char Dham yatra.

Q.17 Which telephone network works at chardham?

Reliance Jio, Airtel and BSNL are the networks which work at Chardham.

Q.18 How will the weather conditions be in chardham?

The weather Conditions in the Chardham are cloudy, Rainy and Cold. The temperature during April- June remains between 7°c – 20°c, and in July- September it remains 6°c – 15°c.

Q.19 Is there any baggage limitation for helicopters in chardham?

Yes, there is a baggage limitation for helicopters. Only 1 Baggage weighing 5kg per person is allowed in Helicopters

Q.20 Are there any age limits for yatris in Chardham?

No, there is no Age limit in the Chardham yatra, but the preferred age is 7-65 years for Chardham Yatra.

Q.21 What kind of food will be served to us in Chardham yatra?

We serve only vegetable food on all pilgrim tours, and if you want Jain special, then we can also arrange that for you.

Q.22 How you will arrange our food?

You will be served meals twice a day at the hotel, lunch at 12:00 PM, and dinner at 7:00 PM.

Q.23 Will there be a guide with us throughout the yatra?

Our tour coordinator will be with you at all the dhams and sightseeing places; you can coordinate with him in case of any inconvenience.

Q.24 How far will the helicopter drop us from the temples?

Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Gangotri temples have a very meager distance from the helicopter drop point, which can easily cover in 10-15 minutes; only Yamunotri Dham has 6 km trek from the helicopter drop point, and for that, we will arrange a pony or porter for our all the yatris.

Q.25 Are there any taxi services that will be provided from the Hotel to the helipad?

Yes, all transfers from Hotel to Helipad and Hotel at all dhams are included in the package.

Q.26 Is there any discount for children?

The helicopter does not provide concessions to children or senior citizens for Chardham Yatra.

Q.27 Helicopter services are shareable or separate?

One helicopter is shared by six people traveling as it has the capacity of a total of 06 seats.

Q.28 What arrangements will be provided for disabled yatris?

For disabled yatris, a wheelchair will be provided at all the dhams, but there is moderate walk at a few points where a wheelchair will not be accessible.

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Chardham Yatra Package Inclusions and Exclusions

Recent Chardham Yatra Visitors

Char Dham Yatra By Helicopter Reviews

Our Chardham Yatra Tour packages score an average of 4.6 out of 5 based on 212 reviews in the last year.

The agency's team is really helpful and humble to us. We were escorted from one dham to another dham very comfortably; our chardham trip happened so smoothly. Every arrangement was so proper, whether meals, accommodations and VIP darshans. God bless you, Himanshu, for such an awesome tour of the chardham yatra; we will meet in next season.

Brij Kishor Ji

If you're thinking to availing chardham yatra by helicopter then I must recommend lih travel tour agency, I booked my tour to chardham with them last season, their services are excellent they have relatively soft-spoken staff who will take care of you during the whole trip, those 6 days of chardham yatra are unforgettable for me. Lots of love, Himanshu and Hitesh, for the best Chardham yatra of my life. Thanks!

Shri Nandkishor Sharma and their Son

I had booked Chardham yatra by helicopter with lih travel for my parents, even though we were late for the booking session, but Himanshu and Hitesh handled it very well. After returning from 6 days Chardham Yatra, my father praised the company and thanked Himanshu again and again for the wonderful yatra arrangements. I would like to say that the maintain the best quality of hotels and meals and unlike the others they give you a luxury experience of Chardham Yatra.


Himanshu Thank you very much for making Chardham Yatra so easy for us. The journey to Chardham by Helicopter with lih travel was very fun and exciting. The company's services are excellent, and the staff helps on every step. Himanshu had already shared this 6-day travel plan with us so that we could prepare accordingly, and it proved to be very helpful too. Goodbye, lih we'll be back next season. Thanks, Hitesh and Himanshu ji

Mridula Ji

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Thanks, lih travel; this could be not possible without you guys; we had a great time during chardham yatra; you people arranged helicopter services for each destination, and the hotel quality was outstanding. Many thanks for arranging chardham yatra by helicopter at the last moment for us.

Mangilal Ji and Their Group

Your arrangements for the Choti Chardham Yatra are perfect, everything happened on time, and the accommodation and food facilities were commendable. Since when I was eagerly waiting to go on Chardham Yatra with my 4 friends but was scared due to bad weather and chaos but lih travel company made this easier for us than I thought. We got darshan preference at dhams it was a VIP experience.

Vimla Kumari Ji

The 6-day Chardham Yatra with lih travel was very comfortable; VIP Darshan was arranged on every dham and after visiting the temple, got a chance to visit the nearby delightful places. The company staff is very helpful and listens to all your concerns; we didn't have any problem with the journey, we will make lih our partner next time to come again on this holy journey.

Shri Narayan Lal Sharma Ji

Hello dear Himanshu ji, & Leisure Holidays. Thank you for organising An amazing experience us. Usha ji (my wife) and myself had a good experience. Everything was on time and the arrangements were done properly I would love to recommend Leisure holidays to more people. Apart from minor inconveniences due to the weather, everything else was smooth and coordinated we had a good overall char Dham yatra experience. Thanks for the hospitality.

Usha & Kishor Khabiya Jain

I wanted to gift Chardham yatra by helicopter to my wife on our 50th anniversary; my son booked 6 day tour with lih for us. I must say that the staff of lih is friendly and respectful towards senior citizens, our meals and rest were arranged at the right time and taken by helicopter to the four dhams. I want to thank Himanshu Ji from the bottom of my heart for being the medium of realizing this dream of my wife and gifted us a wonderful Chardham Yatra.

Shri Prhalad Gupta Ji

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Chardham yatra only opens for 6 months in a year. The opening date of Chardham yatra depends upon Akshaya Tritiya’s auspicious day, also known as Akha Teej. And the closing date depends upon the Vijay Dashmi, Bhai dooj or Diwali. This year Chardham yatra started on 3rd May 2022, and the Tentative closing date is 24th October 2022.The Yamunotri and Gangotri temple opens on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, whereas Kedarnath and Badrinath Temple opens after 2 3 Dyas. The Badrinath Temple gets closed on the Day of Vijay Dashmi, Yamunotri and Kedarnath on Bhai dooj and Gangotri on Diwali.
TempleOpening DateClosing Date (Tentative)
Yamunotri3rd May 202226th Oct 2022
Gangotri3rd May 202224th Oct 2022
Kedarnath6th May 202226th Oct 2022
Badrinath8th May 20225th Oct 2022
The best time to travel Chardham yatra is during the pre-summer, i.e. in April and May or Starting June. During mid-June, the Rain starts, which continues till mid-September. It is highly risky to travel during Rain, as there are many landslides. During the time of Rain, helicopters are closed.
One should be very careful while visiting Chardham. Chardham Yatra is said to be the most difficult Journey, which is full of Hassles and difficulties. Here are some points you should consider while traveling there.
  • Hire an experienced tour operator, so you won’t have any problems during Journey.
  • Avoid carrying heavy luggage. Only carry essential things during Journey.
  • Make sure you are correctly fit during the Journey.
  • Carry your medicines along with you while traveling.
  • Carry more warm clothes and carry your raincoat along with you.
  • Carry some snacks like fruits, biscuits, etc. Because you will be walking and all these things are needed.
It is suggested that one should carry comfortable clothes instead of fancy clothes during Chardham Yatra. Choose clothes according to the weather. Carry more warm clothes, T-shirts, lower, Trekking pants, Muffler, shoes and some other comfortable clothes which you can carry easily during the time of Journey.
There is some health advice suggested before traveling to the Chardham Yatra. Since the chardham yatra is full of hassles, it is important that you keep fit yourself during the Journey. For that, you need to follow some tips.
  1. Start Walking, which will keep your body healthy and legs stronger.
  2. Start having a Balanced Diet.
  3. Start doing exercise or Workout.
  4. People should drink 2 litres of fluid daily.
  5. Do not consume alcohol, caffeinated drinks and sleeping pills.
  • Maximum 05/06 Passengers/Guest will be allowed in 01 Helicopter.
  • 5 kg luggage will be permitted in the chopper by per passenger. Those who bring excessive luggage would not be allowed to take their further baggage with them in the helicopter. This guideline is a standard safety rule.
  • Take your medical kit as the temples are on high altitude.
  • Timings are flexible, depending on weather conditions/technical reasons/govt — permissions, etc.
  • Passenger are not allowed to carry trolley bags because of the limited space you should carry duffle bags or soft bags.
  • Three choppers will fly the same day for the Chardham yatra. We may adjust passenger acc to bodyweight.
  • At Kedarnath shuffle, Extra INR 200 per kg will be charged if the passenger weight is more than 80 KG.
  • While changing the helicopter at Kedarnath or Guptkashi, the waiting time is between 10 mins to 3 hrs. Depending on Shuttle slots/weather conditions or technical reasons.
  • Passengers may be divided into two groups while changing the helicopter at Kedarnath/Guptkashi shuttle, depending on their body weight.
  • Properties on tour are 3 to 4-star category except for Yamunotri as it is a remote or rural area.
  • The weight of the total passenger should not be more than 430 kg. This guideline is our safety guidelines.
  • All passengers will be taken to all the helipads at least 1 hour prior to the departure time. In this case, sometimes, you may have to wait at the government Helipad.
  • Share your actual and exact body weight at the time of giving information. We will check your weight before flying, and it shouldn’t be more than what you have informed us.The company thave full rights to de-board a passenger incase the actual body weight exceeds the weight given by passengers. Kindly don’t share any assumed body weight.

The aviation department has set some standards for the Chardham yatra helicopter, according to which only 6 people can sit in a helicopter and the maximum weight of each passenger should be 72 kg, your weight will be measured before the flight and if we found more than the standard weight, you can be prevented from boarding the helicopter, in that case, you can contact us and get advice.

The maximum capacity of a helicopter is 430 kg which does not include passenger baggage and a passenger can carry only 5 kg maximum weight with him. If you bring more than 5 kg, the company has the right to stop you from boarding the helicopter.

Any type of flying is challenging in mountainous areas, sometimes in case of bad weather, busy air traffic, and passenger’s illness, helicopter may be delayed or other unforeseen event may also occur, so passengers should be prepared for any such situation. Although adequate safety gear is provided by the crew but the passengers will have to keep their preparations complete.
  1. The above 2 years of children are eligible for full tickets, and children less than 2 years are free of any cost. There is no provision of concession to senior citizens and the children in this Chardham yatra by Helicopter package.
  2. If in case of poor weather conditions, you haven’t been to any Dham or your journey has been incomplete in this scenario, the company will try all possible ways to visit all Dham by extending the time frame. If the weather is terrible throughout the day, we will visit the temple the next day.
  3. Due to bad climate conditions, we may have to change our hotel or property, but don’t worry, we will provide you upper or same class category hotel.
  4. One cab will be provided to the group of up to 6 pax wherever required in your Chardham yatra by helicopter.
  5. We recommend you to book your return flight one day later. The company will not bear any cancellation of flights at any cost.
  6. The laws of Delhi jurisdiction shall govern disputes as to legality, interpretation, application, or performance of services or any of its terms and conditions.
  7. In case of emergency and bad weather, passengers will be taken back to Dehradun by other means of Transport.
  8. No money will be refunded in case the passenger is de-boarded due to wrong body weight given by you.
  9. Your luggage will be strictly not allowed in the helicopter if it is found more than 5 KG at the helipad.
  10. Even if the royalty fees changes or not, Price will always remain the same
  11. Extra night because of bad climate conditions will be borne by the customer itself. We will not bear any charge.
  12. You will need to carry sim of Airtel and BSNL both, because only these mobile networks and connectivity available there
  13. Cancellation policy for Chardham Yatra by Helicopter Package: – If the customer wants to cancel the trip, they have to pay the following cancellation charges.
    1. Up to 45 Days before journey — 30% of the amount will be forfeited
    2. In between 45 to 30 days — 70% of the amount will be forfeited
    3. In between 30 to 0 Days — No Refund
    Covid-19 case, or any other National/State Emergency: In case passengers test COVID positive before the travel, or the Yatra gets called off by the government, or any National or State emergency is imposed, there will be no refunds applicable. However, If passenger informed us 7 days prior to his Yatra date with valid and genuine COVID Report we can issue a Credit Note by LIH against the advance paid, which will be valid for next 3 months and can be adjusted against the next Chardham Yatra Booking. If booking is canceled within 5 days due to covid, it is not possible for aviation company to allot the seat commercially to another passenger but we are happy if you pass this seat to your family member (averaging the same weight).
  14. Carrying of AADHAR CARD is a must for all Indians, whereas a passport is required in the case of foreign nationals.
  15. Any tips, pitthu, and donation cost borne by the client itself.