Our Story

How the company was formed

Every startup / venture has an interesting story behind the idea and concept. Ours in nothing unlike the others. It all started with our own experiences of travels throughout the world.

Going deep into the roots of a place, gathering the original vibe of the novelty of the region and making discoveries about the lifestyles and living of people formed the basis of our efforts. Every traveller / nomad / tourist likes to go beyond the limits, whether it’s the tip of the Himalayas or the Cape of Good Hope.

Everyone wants to make the most of their journey. But the reality shows how many globetrotters are actually able to achieve such milestones. These facts pointed us towards the problems of travellers. The difficulties they may face range from food, shelter, travel, routes, weather, accessibility, connections to unending factors. More often than not, these voyagers are unable to help the inevitable, for eg. budget constraints, safety of self and belongings, comfort in all terms, travel issues, immigration problems.

Hence, we set off on our journey with the aim of eradicating these problems through systematic established system of logistics, user-friendly system of contact and query addression and grievance settlement through direct interaction with every person.

It was not easy, what we conceived was very less than the harsh reality but our objectives were noble and efforts sincere. Our mission and vision since the very start has been to provide what is desired by our customers. We have always aimed at being the medium of facilitation through specific customized tours for everyone at a price that suits your budget and at a comfort level that is beyond imagination. The implementation was not unplanned and the competition was high but we took our time and kept customer satisfaction at the top.

What is in the name – Leisure India Holidays?

Branding forms an integral aspect of every institution. Our branding efforts were dedicated towards brain-storming aimed at coming up with a name that not only conveys what we are offering but also takes into consideration the comfort part of it. Since our USP lies in the structuring and implementation of tours that are made to cater to your requirements, the suitability of the term leisure struck us as the most appropriate. Ever since we have initiated operations, our aim has been to give every customer a luxurious Indian Holiday irrespective of their paying capacity/visit period and the same theory accompanied our thinking in branding.

Leisure India Holidays logo

The inner colorful circles in our logo assures your colorful pleasure tour full of surprises (all good ones) in India and the outer starry circles promises the twinkling factor to your journey and adds one more spark to your life’s journey. The word ‘Leisure’ here provides true meaning to your holiday time with a combo of exploring India with comfort and joy. Calligraphic written “India Holidays” gorgeously depicts the vibrancy of colors of the Indian sub-continent as India is a land of various facets and diversity and these multifarious cultures add a blend of colours to the nation. The color ‘black’ here in the symbol is our promise to you of glamour portion to make your trip more full of life and the ‘orange’ is there of course for traditional India’s positive impact to your soul with heavy culture dip.

So pay a visit to India with our specially designed and implemented packages for having out of the world experience. Just go beyond the limits of fun with us!

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