Agra is the most popular city of northern state Uttar Pradesh. The city is located on the World map because of the world acclaimed Mughal heritage wonder Taj Mahal. But when you visit Agra there is lot more attraction that will keep you bewildered, throughout the day with its exclusive and illustrious craftsmen skill on every wall, dome, and pillars of monuments which are the gates to History of Indian Mughal era. There are many things to do in Agra you can enjoy while visiting.

Apart from sightseeing, you can also enjoy the museum, a heritage walk, glittering nightlife and even gazing at beautiful birds in the sanctuary when you plan a trip to Agra. The city Agra also happens to be the destination to find good and variety of leather shoes for all kind. Apart from Shoes, you can also purchase marble art crafts, Rugs and Carpet, Petha and Dal moth.
This article will further list top things to do in Agra during a stay for either 1 day or for a week.

Best Things to do in Agra

1. Visit Taj Mahal

offbeat things to do in agra, visit taj mahal
Visiting Taj Mahal is in every list of globetrotter planning a visit in India. The offbeat thing to do in Agra is to Visit Taj Mahal on full moon night which is also the most romantic thing to do by a couple. The morning hour is also the best time to visit Taj Mahal throughout the year. The Timing to visit Taj is from 6:00 A.M to 6.30 P.M. and is closed on Friday. The serene beauty of white marble is losing its sheen hence in its prevention a lot of restriction and care is been taken while visiting Taj Mahal. The entry fee is Rs 200 to visit the main mausoleum.and to enjoy the night view you need to pay Rs 750 at the time of making the reservation.

2. Visit Agra Fort

best things to do in agra, visit agra fort
Visiting Agra Fort is a complete guide to the architect of the Mughal era. The big corridors surrounded by the different section which exhibits the royal and elegant lifestyles of Mughal rulers is a full day trip in itself. Diwan-i am, Diwan -e -Khas, Sheesh Mahal, Jahangir palace, a huge bathtub of Jahangir, The rampart of Agra fort may other attraction inside the massive Red stone fort is what will keep you engaged throughout the day,
The timing to visit the Agra Fort id from 6:00 clock in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. The gates of Red Fort remains open throughout the year.
The offbeat thing to do in Agra is to attend the music and light show in the beautiful galleries of the fort. The show is been held every day by 7.30P.M to -8:20 P.M and 8:30 PM to 9:20 P.M in both Hindi and English language in respective time.

3. Visit Popular Monuments

visit monuments in agra, things to do in agra in one day
Visiting other popular monuments which are majorly beautifully architect tombs of some great emperors and empresses. The best way to visit the tomb in Agra is by taking a professional guide along who will narrate the amazing story behind every pillars and work of the tomb. Itimad -Ud – Daulah, Akbar’s tomb, Chini ka Rauza, Mariam tomb are some popular tomb to visit in Agra. So if you have only one day in Agra then these monuments will be a great choice to spend a quality day in Agra.

4. Friday Prayers and Namaz

friday prayers, best things to do in agra
Friday prayers or Namaz is religiously followed by Muslims throughout the country. Some holy places are visited in large numbers on Friday to offer the praying and bestowing the faith in the creator.
Thought these places are crowded during Friday, still seeing more than a hundred visitors reading namaz one point is a unique way to acknowledge the religious and secular India. Visiting Jama Masjid, Mankameshwar temple, Soami Bagh Samadhi, are few religious attraction to explore secular India.

5. Enjoy Shopping in Agra

shopping in agra, one of the best things to do in agra
Don’t forget to indulge in shopping while visiting Agra. Agra is famous for leather products, Persian carpets, and rugs, marble artifacts. While visiting Agra, explore Sadar Bazar, local Shahganj Bazar, and Subash Market and Shoe market for designer and cheap clothes, shoes, and jewelry. The shah market and, Kinari Bazar are the markets to explore the marble artifacts and personal rugs and carpet. The bargaining should be kept intact along with your belonging to crusade this market in the best way. The important thing to remember while visiting Agra is that most of the market remains closed on Tuesday.

6. Enjoy Special Events and Celebrations

events and celebrations in agra, best things to do in agra
The events and celebration held in Agra also attract lots of tourists throughout the year. The world popular Taj Mahotsav is grandeur event that celebrates the serenity and captivating beauty of domes and walls of Monuments in Agra. Visiting Agra during such events is among one of the best time to have some adventurous and exciting stay during holiday. Few other events that are held in Agra are, Ram Baraat, Baloon ride, Taj literature festival, Kailash fair, and Gangaur Fair are among the best things to do in Agra. The array of events are held from the month of January to March making winters the best time to visit Agra.

7. Feel The Nature

things to do in agra, visit paliwal park in agra
Explore nature at Paliwal Park, Sur Sarovar park, Keetham lake, Aaram Bagh near Yamuna river. The natural way of exploring the beauty of rivers and gardens is having a great walk with family and loved ones. The beautiful landscape, the delicious street food is what make Agra a perfect holiday package. Watching beautiful birds ar Sur Sarovar park and enjoying water rides in Dolphin water park is things what kids would love to do. Such places are mostly free of charge for tourist.

8. Enjoy Some Traditional Mughal Cuisines

best things to do in agra, enjoy mughal cuisines
Mughal cuisine, Petha, Dalmoth, Aloo Chaat, and many more mouth-watering savories from Agra are world popular dishes to relish on. Your trip to Agra won’t be complete if you don’t visit some local shops like Panchi Sweets, Brijwasi, The Only Restaurant, The Mughal room. These few food joints are must-visit places to satisfy the gourmet bud with the exotic flavors of Mughals and Indian cuisine.

9. Enjoy The Nightlife of Agra

things to do in agra at night, enjoy nightlife
The glittering nightlife of Agra will twink your eyes on the visit. There are many places with good ambiance and great food to enjoy your evening with friends and loved ones. The young couples enjoy their evening, dancing on some great music and munching on delicious food of some great club like Club Rush, ColorBar, Mughal Sheraton, liquid lounge Bar and many more. The charges for such places is from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 for a couple.

“There are many things to do in Agra during night and day, Plan a trip to Agra and step on a magnificent gateway to the Mughal era of Indian history.”