Amidst the Aravali ranges, Jaipur is the land of forts, palaces, and royal grandeur history. The scenic landscape and majestic cultural and magnificent architect will keep you astonished all day long.
The nights in Jaipur also exhibits the different color of life in the most illustrious manner. There are many things you can do to spend a safe and exciting nightlife in Jaipur.

What Can We do in Jaipur at Night?

The city offers adventurous night safari, fine dining under the starry sky, the glamorous night in clubs and lounges, experiencing the city view in tantalizing orange light from the hills, munching on late-night street food or even enjoying a close and romantic drive with your loved one.

How is The Nightlife in Jaipur?

Jaipur is a safe and cozy place to visit. The nightlife in Jaipur is a high street in reference to the safety and bells and whistles of the night culture. The majestic city is a hub for spending a night in the course of the mood you want to follow.

Things to do in Jaipur at Night for Adventurous People?

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There are many things to do in Jaipur at night which can add some adrenaline rush to your adventurous heart.

1)Evening safari: The Jhalana Safari park organize evening leopard safari which is an adventurous way to spend your evening with family an friends. The park closes by 7 PM and is open for all days of the week.

2)A trip to Nahargarh: The Nahargarh fort is set on the Aravalli ranges. The small journey in the hills to reach the Nahargarh Fort is itself an adventurous ride. Howbeit the gates of the fort remain close in the night, but watching the city from any spot amidst the hills is an interesting way to have the cityscape.

3)Bar exchange at Grand Uniara: Grand Uniara is a hotel that runs the bar exchange, which is an interesting concept of keeping it customer engrossed during drinks. The prices of the drink keep fluctuating throughout the night depending on the demand. You might get lucky by having your drink at cheapest prices during slumpy hours.

4)Motorbike rides, marathon or any other event: Jaipur is a land of Royal Challengers. There are many clubs that keep organizing night bike rides, motorbike rides, and even night marathon. Register to any such event happening during your visit and enjoy the sweat rushing adventure in the night.

Places to Visit in Jaipur in Night for Late Night Food Cravings?

places to visit in jaipur at night
If you are the night owl and want to scoff on Jaipur savories than you should visit

5)Raja Park: an important locality in Jaipur that remains open and is crowded at late night because of the various food outlets that serve mouth-watering fast food items.

6)Bus stand and railway station: the shops near the railway station and bus stand remain open till midnight serving Dal Batti, naan paneer, and even Maggie. Visiting such a shop can be your rescuer for hunger.

7)Cafe and lounges: There are many cafes and lounges that remain open till 2 A.M.throughout the year. Keventers, Jal Mahal, Cafe Cofee Day are a few places that serve coffee and sandwiches till midnight.

Places to Visit in Jaipur at Night with Friends?

nightlife in jaipur with friends

Nightlife in Jaipur is safe, glamorous and is very happening throughout the week especially on the weekend. If you are planning to spend some exciting nightlife in Jaipur with friends then visit

8)House of people: A popular place among youth with good Dj and food and is reasonably priced, Located in the center is safe for single girls also.

9)Asteria: A newly launched Clubhouse near the airport is again a reasonably priced hangout place with a friend.

10)Blackout: Centrally located rooftop is an excellent place with good music and food to spend a night with friends or loved ones.

11)The grunge: A disco bar in The hotel fern is a nice and cheap place to spend to stomp your feet on grooving music.

12)Playboy club: A recently launched world-renowned club has fancy interiors to keep you staggering fro the whole night with amazing food and music.

13)Fbar: Fbar is again a popular club in Jaipur which remains crowded throughout the week. The bar is reasonably priced and has many offers to avail during a week.

14)Aenigma: The in-house club of Marriot is quite expensive as compared to others in Jaipur but the ambiance and food are worth paying to spend a gala night in the pink city.

The Jaipur is a culturally rich heritage city but, it has beautifully amalgamated the progressive mindset of youth and foreign tourists into its lifestyle that every nook of the city has something exciting to offer for everyone.

In the city like Jaipur, even nights are as colorful, vibrant yet subtle to enjoy and cherish every moment spend here.