Traditional Turbans of India- Sikh Turbans, Rajasthani Turbans

The vibrant culture of India has a significant place for attire for the head too, called ‘turbans’. Most of the parts of India are going to fascinate you when you will see you around men here wearing colorful turbans on their heads. Well, it’s a traditional part of the culture of India. The stories and reasons, texture and presentation, and sometimes name also regarding the turbans of India also vary from place to place in our diverse India. It would be fun to know all the colorful facts about the turbans of India.

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Different Types of Turbans in India

The different version of Turbans of India:- As you already know that there are different versions on who wear Turbans in India. It’s time to take a sneak peek into these varied versions. Starting from Rajasthan, their Rajasthani turban is called as ‘Pagdi’ or ‘Safa’. And the reason to wear that is the pride and respect; also sometimes it is worn to protect the head from the heat of the hot desert.

Next version is Sikh Turban and they call it ‘dastar’ or ‘Pagdi’. The reason to wear Pagdi is culture- driven. The Sikh wear Pagdi as a ritual in their religion and also in order to manage their long hairs.

Dumalla is another type of turban which is being worn by the Nihang Khalsa Sikhs. This is a type of warrior style turban which is mostly worn by the Sikhs during the battles. Another different type of turbans wore in India is Mysore Peta. Mysore Peta style of the turban was first put on by the Kings of Mysore between 1399 and 1947.

Next to our list of Turbans of India is Pheta. Pheta is a Maharashtrian style of turban. Commonly seen during the weddings and festivals in Maharashtra. These are some of the most common and most beautiful types of turbans which one can wear during their trip to India.

The wedding factor

You may have noticed male members of any Indian wedding wearing the colorful wedding turbans. It is part of the vibrant Indian culture. The bridegroom wears a more embellished turban, different from others attending the wedding.  It gives a colorful and an amazing look to the already so colorful Indian wedding. It gives a stunning ambiance to the ceremony. Hence turbans are big yes for weddings.

Turban tying-an art-Tying a turban is not a cake walk with a so long turban cloth as long as 82 feet, therefore it’s a tough skillful task to tie such a long cloth in one’s head. It is actually a real art because there are thousands of styles to tie the turban depends upon a place to place and culture to culture, here in India. While one can join courses to learn to tie this tricky headgear in India, available very easily in the Northern part of the country.

Turban tying competition: You may wonder turban is such a huge part of India’s culture that many turbans tying competitions are arranged at different occasions and parts of the country for all gigantic turban fun. You may also enjoy the one (if you want) at the world-famous Pushkar fair of Pushkar, Rajasthan; to avail the thrill from Indian turbans.

These are the best turbans in India and the different ways of wearing it. So, come to India to try a turban, a reason for you to travel to India. India is waiting to tie a turban on your head. So book your Holidays from the best travel agency in India Leisure India Holidays.

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