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India is celebrated as the land of cultures, colors, heritage, art, and diversity. Many come to explore the spirit of this great nation. Everybody has their own view, own perspective to capture its soul because this is the best way to see straight into the reality of India. We’ve tried to collect some of the prospects of the famous personalities who visited this nation in their walk of life. Get inspired to craft your own belief for this mystic nation—India! There inspiring India Travel Quotes are here.

“Indians are the Italians of Asia and vice versa. Every man in both countries is a singer when he is happy, and every woman is a dancer when she walks to the shop at the corner. For them, food is the music inside the body and music is the food inside the heart. Amore or Pyar makes every man a poet, a princess of peasant girl if only for second eyes of man and woman meets.”―Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

“So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.”  —Mark Twain

“India has 2,000,000 Gods and worships them all. In religion, other countries are paupers: India is the only millionaire.”—Mark Twain

“India will beat the restlessness out of any living creature.” —Yann Martel, Life of Pie

“India is beyond the statement, for anything you say, opposite is also true. It’s rich and poor, spiritual and material, cruel and kind, ugly and beautiful, angry but peaceful, and smart but stupid, it’s all the extremes.” —Anonymous

“That’s how we keep this crazy place together- with the heart. India is the heart. It’s the heart that keeps us together. There is no place with people like my people. There is no heart like Indian heart.”―Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

“If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life and has found solutions, I should point to India.”  —Max Mueller

“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”  —Albert Einstein
“If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India.” —Max Mueller, German scholar

“India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways.” —Will Durant, American historian

Time spent in India has an extraordinary effect on one. It acts as a barrier that makes the rest of the world seem unreal. – Tahir Shah

If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India. – Romain Rolland

The train system in India is chaotic and fun – it’s the best way to see the landscape. Being in with all the families and also being the odd animal is a colorful experience you’ll never forget. – Natalie Dormer

Gravitation was known to the Hindus (Indians) before the birth of Newton. The system of blood circulation was discovered by them centuries before Harvey was heard of. – P. Johnstone

These were some of the most fascinating India Travel Quotes. Repeat the history to gaze philosophical India in the present era in your way!

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