Holi Celebration in Delhi- Best Holi Parties to Attend in 2023

Holi festival is a significant Hindu cultural festival that traces the appearance of the spring season. This festival is widely known as the festival of colour all over the world. The celebrations of Holi take place for over two days and remarks on the presentation of fertility, vitality, and passion, as well as the victory of virtue versus evil.

Delhi is one of the best places to celebrate the Holi festival in India. So, in this article, you will know about the delightful celebrations of Holi in Delhi.

History Behind The Festival of Holi

The festival of Holi reduces the old cultural and social standards in Indian communities such as age gaps, gender inequality, castes, and status, these norms are tossed aside and start the beginning of a new era of equality. Collectively, men, women, and children of different ages, the wealthy and the poor, relish each other’s joyful company in this astonishing day. With the spirits adapting an obstructed eye, you can notice a benevolent in the heart of Indians.

Delhi, being the capital of the country speculates remarkable celebrations of Holi and is one of the best places to celebrate Holi in India. With a huge crowd and numerous attractions, the Holi festival in New Delhi is celebrated in the capital city with immense thrill and fun. Keep reading to know more about the Holi festival in Delhi.

The festival of Holi celebration in Delhi is divided into two phases which are Holika Dahan followed by Rangwali Holi.

  • Phase One

In Phase one of Holi in Delhi, Holika Dahan has celebrated the twilight before the main Rangwali Holi. Timber wood along with cow dung-cakes are fired in a metaphorical pyre to imply good conquering evil (in Indian Vedi manuscripts, the Holy God Vishnu assists and burns the demon Holika to the end).

  • Phase Two

In phase two of Holi in Delhi, early morning, people of different ages congregate in common areas such as parks, streets and take part and celebrate the Rangwali Holi. This is a blatant entertainment where small children hunt each other around, tossing handfuls of energetic colored powders also known as Gulal at each other while getting soaked in colorful water.

Best Holi Parties in Delhi 2023 Which You Can Not Miss

The Holi parties in Delhi are a delight to attend. Holi celebration in Delhi is at its peak at some of the finest locations in Delhi and the NCR region.

  1. Sainik Farm usually arranges a Holi festival workshop for kids and adults. The party hosts a number of delightful dishes, along with a number of competitions which add all the more fun to the festival. You cannot miss the Holi festival platter.
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is an excellent party place during the time of Holi. They arrange one amazing pool party on Holi in Delhi. Along with the electronic stage, smoke guns, unlimited colors, rain dance, delicious food, water guns, electronic fireworks, the Holi celebration at the stadium is the biggest Holi bash.
  3. Connaught place is already one of the most happening places in the city. To top that, the celebration of Holi in Delhi takes the place of an exciting turn. You can find people of all ages enjoying their hearts out with the color bash and the madness of the festival is quite vividly visible.

Even from the past, one of the major festivals which left the entire country in awe and left them wanting for more was the Holi moo festival. Holi moo festival Delhi 2023 will be a blast as well. This festival was previously held at the Your Delhi City Hotel for about 6 hours. The event included a hotel pick and drop facility. The event included a lot of performances from some of the most popular stars along with dhol and Nagada performances. A lot of dance, color, food, drinks, entertainment, music, and fun made this event a success in the past and will probably be even better this year. So, make sure you book a place in advance.

However, during your Holi celebration in Delhi 2023, the cost estimation is around one thousand bucks to two thousand bucks and not more. The passes to most of the events are around one INR1000 and if you include food, drinks, traveling, etc., there will be no more exceeding than INR2000.

Also, Holi festival in Delhi 2023 requires you to always follow and look out for some points which will only add to your experience:

Tips to Remember While You Celebrate Holi in Delhi

  • Never carry electronic gadgets with you while you are playing
  • Always try to cover your mask for sometimes the colors can be harmful
  • Try and use only organic colors
  • Wear modest clothing
  • Try to avoid translucent clothing
  • Oil yourself completely to avoid colored skin day after

With that said, Holi in Delhi is a blast. The festival of Holi is celebrated with great charm and excitement all over the city and you cannot miss out on it. The amazing festival only brings joy and happiness to the life of the people so, take a day off, book Holi Tour Packages India with LIH the Best Tour Agency in India, and celebrate this sweet little festival with your friends and family.

A very happy Holi 2023 people!

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