Top Places to Visit in Badrinath

Badrinath Temple

The temple worships Lord Vishnu in the forms of Nar and Narayana. It attracts numerous pilgrims seeking blessings.

Tapt Kund

It is a natural hot water lake, where goddess Parvati is said to have performed penance to win Lord Shiva’s heart.

Narad Kund

This is another holy kund near Tapt Kund. It is believed that Narad Muni authored ‘Narada Bhakti Sutra’ at this place.

Mana Village

Mana Village has a rich history and is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited villages in India.

Bheem Pul

Bheema created a natural rock bridge by placing a massive rock on the Sarasvati River during their journey to heaven.

Saraswati River

The "Lost River," dried up for thousands of years, is a small section that flows from the mountains near Mana Village.

Vasundara Falls

From Mana Village, there is a 6 km trek that leads to Vasundhara Falls, offering stunning views of the Himalayas & Alaknanda River.

Alka Puri

Alkapuri, located near Badrinath at the base of Balakun Peak, is the  origin of the Alaknanda River at 4,600 meters.

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