Step by Step Guide

Kedarnath Registration

Visit Official Website

Firstly visit official website for Kedarnath Yatra registration and follow the simple online registration procedure.

Login or Register

You can register yourself as an individual, or family for Kedarnath yatra.

Fill Personal Details

Provide accurate personal information during the process, including your full name, contact details, and emergency contact information.

Manage Your Tour

Click on the "Manage Tour Information" option to manage your tour, which will direct you to the "Plan Your Trip" page.

Submit Documents

Submit required ID  documents, including government-issued IDs,  photos, and any specified registration authorities' documents.

Select Date

Select the desired date and time slot for your Kedarnath Yatra, keeping in mind the available options and any restrictions in place.

Pay Registration Fee

Pay the required Registration fee, which may vary based on your nationality and the type of Yatra you choose.

Fitness Criteria

Ensure that you meet the health and fitness criteria set by the registration authorities.

Confirm your Registration

Once Kedarnath registration  is confirmed, arrange travel, pack essentials, and prepare spiritually for the pilgrimage.

Click on the below link  to know more about Kedarnath Yatra